Just so many apples

The Autumn gales this year ensured that most of the apples on our trees came off at the same time. Before we had a chance to pick them we found that we were knee deep in them.

We tried selling them at the gate  – no luck – even the greengrocer had more than he could handle

We tried giving them away – not much better – it seemed as if everyone had a bumper crop.

I hadn’t realised that apple identification is big business. Apparently in this country there are over 2500 different types of apples (7000 varieties worldwide) and apple fairs in a normal year flourish.

I visited one two or three years ago and saw tables and tables laid out with types of apples I had never even heard of. I learnt that there was an Essex apple called a Chelmsford Wonder and a strange looking one called a Knobby Russet (which can be eaten by some people).

When all else fails the photographer is allowed to play with them – so here goes.

Although occasionally I chomp them instead.

It’s not that I am getting in to food photography but it is interesting to see what can – artistically – be done with them.

Yeh I know my attempts may be far from artistic

Nothing like what Cezanne managed but this one took hours – just try sitting further away from your screen and squint at it  ? no better?

Ah well!

How about these golden apples? Come on you lot with classical degrees in Greek mythology. Even I know there were golden apples in the garden of Hesperides – a wedding gift from Gaia to Hera. And there was something about Eris – Oh we are full of culture this week! I don’t think anyone had 5 though.

I’ll stick with my toffee apple

And my baked apple.

Who said I’ll only put on weight?

Hope your weekend is good.