Being put through the mill

I am sure many of my regulars will know that in Norfolk we have a large number of windmills – some in excellent condition and others in not so excellent condition. I have always regarded them as interesting subjects for photographs and from time to time have made visits to one or other of them.

Only last week I visited two mills and spent a happy afternoon discovering how the light can create (or in my case ) destroy a fascinating picture.

I think my favourites have been – the ruined mill on the river Bure at St Benets and Horsey Mill very close to the well-known piece of open water Horsey Mere.

There are other mills I enjoy though as well. There is a beautifully restored mill close to Thurne Mouth – that is very visible from miles away. More recently I discovered Brograve Mill which is a very attractive ruin (much photographed at sunrise and sunset) but it is rather a muddy trek from Horsey.

My hyper-critical project manager was chewing through some of my shots from last weekend and was found muttering “diverse – far too diverse – concentrate on one – use the light available and try shooting it in black and white!”

Now in the past I have photographed quite a lot at Horsey wind pump. The restoration work on this building has now been completed and they have taken away all the wire bits. What we have now is a very attractive wind mill – attractive apart from an ugly black shed next to it, which very efficiently does the job that the windmill should be doing, but it is possible to clone that out. I reckon that some of my pictures on this site have been passable. I spent an early morning there once and only last week on a very windy day I shot from down the road.

Black and white pictures eh? Well here goes

Anything for a quiet life

And two reflections

And this one from a puddle

Bet he doesn’t even like them

See you next week.