Bang goes another new year’s resolution

Just like the Red Arrows

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to spend much longer pondering the scene, taking stock of the surroundings, checking the camera carefully before using it and taking fewer photographs. I decided a more thoughtful approach would eventually mean fewer wasted shots and less time processing the finished article.

The resolution was working reasonably well until last week when I went to the RSPB site at Snettisham to see the birds rising at sunset as the tide peaked. I decided to go early so that there would be plenty of room in the parking area and so that I could take up a decent position a little way from any crowds.

In the end there was plenty of room on both counts.

However it meant that I was entertained not by one spectacle but by two. The Geese and the  Knots and Dunlins. The Geese– I will call them Brent Geese, but no doubt someone will tell me if I am wrong, were firmly ensconced on one of the flooded areas just away from the shore line. They were being noisy when I first arrived. Clearly something was upsetting them, Suddenly at the height of their conversations, a group of them would take of (with much splashing) then circle round and do several more loops before coming to rest more or less where they had started. Then others would follow suit. It was a terrific performance, although not one that I had expected to see

My intention this week was to put up some photographs of the murmurations of the Dunlins to escape the approaching tide just before sunset and there will be photographs of this – next week- meanwhile enjoy these terrific geese.

My only regret is that I cannot, on this blog, reproduce the sound that they were making. The flying circuits only began when there was a consensus of opinion among them. They called, they chattered and then took off. Even in the air there was great communication between them. I think the only part that was relatively silent was the landing. Geese can be a bit clumsy and clearly that part of the exercise required concentration. However no collisions as far as I could see.

More later!