Yes but what do you do with your greens?

I was going to call this week’s blog “cabbages” but not all of the illustrations are cabbage leaves. Had I persisted, yet again people would have become confused and started calling all sorts of vegetables “cabbages!”

Last week I was fortunate to be allowed to take photographs at Peter and Rosies market garden. Wow I never knew there were so many green vegetables.

However back to the story line.

I suspect most people simply eat their greens. That’s what stops your teeth falling out and gives you a nice damp nose and helps perpetuate the myth of eternal youth.

However just recently I have taken to looking at them more closely. Some of the plants like the ones here are incredibly beautiful. For a start they have wonderful shapes  – and they are not all green – some are purple, some blue and later in the year the leaves may even turn red

I think the photographs I have chosen show how intricate each plant can be.  I like the way light shines through them. It looks to me as though bees relish the opportunity of working with them. I am not sure they see colour the way you and I do, but on a warm Autumn day they are always round them, looking for pollen,

Rosie and Peter have very kindly invited us back again as winter approaches to see how, as the plants die back, different colours start to emerge.

So enjoy your greens – have a quick sniff at the lovely fresh smell, notice the shapes and what the light does to them. If appropriate, pop them in the pan to boil lightly (but not too long) and enjoy the taste.

Get all that right and you can chuck that box of stomach pills away.

Have a good weekend.