Once in a while you get lucky

I always feel rather envious of wildlife photographers who produce amazing close up pictures of animals, birds and the like. I always assume they spend their lives scouring the banks of rivers or being holed up in a rough hide with their 800/1000 mm camouflaged lenses for days and nights waiting for the perfect shot of their prey.

You can imagine my delight when, about two weeks ago I came across this bunch of fledgling barn swallows who had just emerged from their nest.

Not entirely sure how I got up here!

They duly lined up on the wooden rail and waited for a parent to return with food.

What was even more entertaining was their first attempts at flight. The spirit was indeed willing but the technique just needed time to catch up. Steering was also a bit of a problem for some of them,. They usually had a good idea of where they wanted to go. It was just the route and controlling those things they call wings!


Photographing the birds wasn’t really an issue. Their nest had been right in the middle of Barton Broad, where this year they had been relatively undisturbed – so they hadn’t learnt to be frightened of humans.

No one seems really sure but these birds were certainly a second and possibly a third brood. We are talking about them first leaving the nest on 30th August, which seems very late.

So just for once – using no more than a 100 – 400mm lens taking pictures of them was not a great problem. Considering the journey though the parents must be getting ready to make, I hope these young birds capture some of my luck and survive the migration.

Also seen was this – talk about being knocked off your perch