The way we were (Regatta as it was in 2010)

Normally this week the blog would be about the ups and downs, the thrills and spills of the annual Norfolk Punt Club Regatta on Barton Broad.

This two day event is immensely popular with the boating fraternity and those living in the vicinity. It is colourful, jolly with some keen sailing. I think what makes it so popular with competitors is that Barton Broad is such an open expanse of water , where fast racing boats such as Norfolk Punts and the much larger cruisers can really travel at speed.

However it will not come as a surprise to anyone to learn that the event this year had to be cancelled because of the virus.

So I decided to publish a set of images that were taken at the regatta 10 years ago – 2010.

I have tried to select pictures that I think will interest everyone. There are a few dramatic pictures of boats racing, which I hope will keep my photography friends happy,

Those were the days when I didn’t bother too much about getting in the way

and one or two images which show close-ups of competitors, so that sailing friends who log in to the blog will be able to say “Gosh don’t I look young!” One image even contains the face of a student Ruth Myerscough crewing a Norfolk Punt.

These of course are just a selection of the pictures that were taken on those two days in August 2010 – if anyone would like to see the complete collection from Regatta 2010- click here.

Have a good weekend