What do you do at Overstrand on a warm summer evening?

Although I have lived in Norfolk for more than a quarter of a century, I have never ventured down on to the beach at Overstrand. It is so easy to zoom along the coast road south of Cromer and await the appearance of the sea at somewhere like Bacton or Happisburgh. But I can recommend the sea front at Overstrand for those who enjoy lots of open sand at low tide, safe bathing and an absence of the hustle and bustle of sea-side entertainment emporiums such as one finds at Sheringham or Cromer.

Simply leave the main road and drive slowly through the village. At the end of the road there is a spacious car park – one caravan selling refreshments – and two footpaths down to the sea shore itself. They are a bit steep, but take them slowly, enjoy the view as you go down and try not to think about the return trip uphill.

Overstrand is good for photographers as well. Good clear views of the coastline with the shape of Cromer pier in the distance. The sea does all the right things – a great place for slow shutter shots and time-lag exposures. I suspect when the wind blows there will be good waves for those looking for that sort of action.

Families can be seen out digging in the sand and more energetic ones enjoying a spot of surfing even late into the evening as the sun went down.

Wildlife puts in an appearance occasionally and does battle with the elements.

I really enjoyed my visit there and would recommend it as one of the Norfolk secret seaside gems. But don’t all rush there and damage the tranquillity of the spot. Remember secrets are those facts that you don’t tell to more than three people at once.

Have a great weekend.