This is a “was to have been”

This week’s blog should have been all about kaleidoscope images with lots of dinky shapes and if I can retrieve some of them I will put them up, but unfortunately I have had serious computer problems and so this is all being done on an older computer – a bit like a mechanical John Bull printing outfit which might with a following wind and a lull in band usage by everyone else, upload a few of the images I had in mind

It was a lot of fun constructing them and those who know tell me that the majority of the images should be called Kaleidographs. My thanks to John Wade for the ideas.

However the original photographs are all mine. It can be quite fun guessing what they were, but they are all rotated pictures of fairly common objects.

Some of my sharp eyed followers may realise that one of the images is blurred. “Typical Myerscough” I hear you say. In reality the photograph was a roundabout (the merry-go-round type not the brum-brum-screech type) and it was indeed going round.

No doubt I shall get demands for other secrets. Linda called one of the pictures “tricksy” and I was very flattered by that, especially as it was just the way it came out, but I shall bask in the glory and not let on it was a sort of accident.

If there are any real secrets I promise I shall tell all on a future occasion. Questions about the images should be written on a £5 note and sent to me. Somehow I am going to have to pay for this computer repair and I don’t think it will be cheap.

This one should be easy enough

Next Friday’s blog is looking quite uncertain. I doubt if my computer will be restored by then – so it may turn out to be a slide show with a magic lantern driven by a candle. Times are hard. 

Have a good weekend