Birds at Home and Away

Photographs from home and from a day when I went walkabout.

I’m not really a wildlife photographer, but I enjoy the birds we manage to attract in to the garden at home. We get lots of blue tits and robins (I’m specially fond of the robins of course) and from time to time they pose for a photograph.

You may feel that the goldfinches are not special. I think they are the most attractive garden bird.  I am told that they are incredibly common and one of the few species which are flourishing, but sadly where we live we see very few of them; so the appearance of several in the last few weeks has been a great treat. That’s why you’ve got lots of pictures of them.

The appearance of a juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker was most unusual. I think it is the first one I have ever seen one our bird feeders. It was a bit of a race to get the camera, but I needn’t have worried, he remained there eating for about 11 minutes and in the end I think he dropped off the feeder with the weight of consumed food rather than flew away.

There is the usual crop of birds on Barton Broad  and they are not difficult to spot. The cormorant allowed me to circle round him for about five minutes so that the setting sun was not directly in to the camera lens. There was, I felt a glint of disapproval in his eye, but he stayed put on his post until I had finished

Apologies for the distance shot of the spoonbills taken at Morston. I asked nicely but the regretted they were not able to wait for me to screw on the telephoto lens.  Some birds are so impatient.