The Birds and the Bees

What is the man like? – the birds aren’t until next week, but the saying doesn’t scan the other way round. Perhaps a better title would have been INSIDE THE HIVE.

My thanks to Stephen and Andy for allowing me along to take picture of the beehive. Sadly it was a gloomy day so many of the macro shots of the bees couldn’t happen. You need plenty of light for a fast shutter speed and the bees keep walking about. I tried to get them to say “cheese” but that didn’t work. I suspect bees don’t know what cheese is!

First essential to quieten the creatures down is smoke and the guys realized if they filled the air with clouds of the stuff that again would make my life more difficult. So a delicate balance had to be struck

In to the hive went Andy and Steve and they removed the roof and the crown board. Then it was down in to the vertical frames. Last time I looked in a hive like this the owner was searching for honey, but the mission last Friday necessitated going a little deeper.

Meanwhile our friendly bees didn’t seem too distressed. One or two hopefuls perched on the camera – clearly there are even posers in the bee world!

Stephen and Andy went lower in to the hive, down past the queen excluder in order to search for and remove developing queen cells in the brood box. The reasons for this are a bit complex – beyond the understanding of a simple photographer and probably the patience of blog readers who probably just want to look at the pictures.

Those wishing to know more should send their questions with a stamped addressed envelope and I will pass them on. In the meantime enjoy the pictures and for the really curious – the answer is “No I didn’t get stung.”

Have a good weekend