Changing your glasses

What the lady asked for was a photograph of a white object on a white background or a dark object on a black background.

Having an addled brain and a disposition to hear what I thought ought to be said rather than what actually was said – I seized upon the idea – Ah ha chequerboard. So I created one.

Of course it eventually dawned that was not what was wanted but with a bit of last minute jiggling I managed to get the right combination of colours for the exercise. However this left the problem of what to do with the chequerboard!

Some years ago I came across what I thought was a very clever picture of two glasses – one balanced at an angle on the other. So I found some glasses just like the ones I had seen and lo and behold a similar picture came from my camera. Just for reference this is one of those situations which used to be described on television with the caution “viewers are advised not to try this experiment at home.” It can be done with the aid of a bit of blue-tac and the ability to remove it in Photoshop.

Do glasses really produce those shapes? Don’t ask!

Have a good weekend