A tale of Joy and a tale of Woe

As some of you may know we have a bird box in the garden with a camera mounted inside it.

Unfortunately the camera and the lighting are showing their age and we don’t have the crisp pictures from inside that we used to have. This year the box contained a very attentive pair of adult birds and 7 eggs – which all hatched into 7 bubbling chicks.

One morning earlier this week the young great tits began to fledge. One went on its own and I managed to find where it landed and where it waited to be fed by mum.

I’m here and waiting to be fed

A few minutes later two more left the nest and during the afternoon – yet one more.

This left three in the nest. Just after 4pm this was the score. Two harassed adults feeding birds inside the box and out in the garden, while trying to encourage the escapees to head for cover. The latter preferred the view and the warm sunshine so that was a bit of an uphill struggle for the adults.

Inside the box there were two birds bouncing around and one who just stood in the corner and didn’t want to know. At 8pm the same evening one adult returned, the disinterested juvenile was still sulking in the corner, but the other two young birds were clearly dead in the box, half covered by mum.

The following morning the remaining junior was persuaded to leave by mum leaving behind the two corpses. Sad end to a delightful few weeks watching the progress.

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