Looking Down on Exercise

I thought, in the interests of health hygiene and being a law abiding citizen (I shall ignore calls of “since when”) it seemed a good idea to me to go for my daily bout of exercise on my bike. After all I have a sturdy machine, lots of high viz clothing, lights and a helmet etc. The country lanes near where we live are quiet – that is apart from the beet lifters, ploughs and track propelled tractors.

It was suggested to me that if my daily ride should take me past one of the local shops, then perhaps I could do some shopping at the same time. That was quick thinking on someone’s part.

Seemed like a good idea. After all the bike has two paniers and providing the weight does not exceed five bags of sugar that would be fine.

Another good idea I had was to take my camera with me. Along country lanes one can see/encounter all sorts of wild life.

Initially I was delighted to find that the route to the shop had a certain amount of downhill about it and the bike and I whizzed along.

However next it became apparent that there was a certain amount of uphill to be worked through as well – but I thought it would be good on the way back.

The visit to the shop was very successful and the load was not too heavy. What I overlooked though was a large stone projecting from the grass verge in to the road. I didn’t see it but the bike found it all on its own. It had the effect of producing a little instability – fortunately for the readers who are not allowed to laugh – the camera saw it as well.

The shopping survived – most of the bike survived. I think I survived. Maybe next week’s blog ought to be “Puncture repair for the bad tempered.”

Have a good weekend everyone.