Learners become teachers as young people of High Kelling deliver messages

For the past three weeks the news on the tele has not been all that great.

The lockdown was surely inevitable, but coupled with stories of great sadness and much finger wagging by government officials; it has ensured that the nightly news bulletin has been somewhat depressing.

Stern messages such as keep “Washing your hands” and only go out if absolutely necessary for food and medicines when spring is clearly in the air seems somewhat counter- intuitive. Nevertheless I think virtually everyone knows it is for the best.

Even so it was such a relief while out on my “daily exercise session” yesterday to come across the cheery messages left by a young person or persons from the village of High Kelling in North Norfolk. The trees along Selbrigg Road have some wonderful pieces of art-work and messages attached to them.

Somehow the messages when written in a juvenile hand seem much more urgent, but the accompanying pictures not only soften the pill but also entertain.

It’s not just advice you can hear and read elsewhere.  

Some of the A4 posters are simply messages of greeting such as “ Happy Easter “ (amazing to think it was only last weekend) Lots of them encourage one to “Smile” and “Stay Safe.” Others say “thank you” to all those working to keep us safe – not only doctors and nurses, but teachers, shop-keepers and bin men. I like the really colourful one with four flowers in pots which says “Love” “Family” and “Be kind.”

Every poster is relevant. Each has a simple message colourfully presented. So from all the joggers, walkers (with or without dogs) and cyclists who travel down Selbrigg Road in High Kelling, “thank you” whoever you are “for your efforts” – and “thank you for making us smile.”