It’s all a matter of using your loaf

We live in an age of high tech this and high tech that – and while some of us rather enjoy the results of technology – there is a lot to be said for going back to basics. And frankly it doesn’t get more basic than a loaf of bread.

I am sure all these modern bakeries which turn out thousands of loaves an hour have machines which take the wheat, grind the flour, prepare and knead the dough, shape it, cook it and spit the sliced article ready wrapped out of the other end. And I’ll bet they use loads of electricity to achieve it though.


It was such a relief to visit Letheringsett Mill and see that the grinding and milling of the flour was still being performed by machinery driven by a water wheel.

Two chaps one water wheel – tons of human energy and a very satisfactory product at the other end.

The grinding wheels are made of stone – you could see that when the changed them over, You wouldn’t drop one of those on your foot twice. The cogs were made of wood.

Old fashioned – well worked machines – beautifully constructed  – but serviceable and thorough in the job that they do.

They grind all sorts of flour – the week I went there they had just received 8 tons of pea flour. I’ve never tried that, but my wife tells me it is very fashionable to use it. There we are – modern fashion with an old fashioned twist.

Artistic licence

And they grind oats for porridge – which makes it all right in my book.

My thanks to the miller and his lad who showed us round.

It’s ecologically sound I suppose. Makes a lot of sense when we are trying to conserve power. What my old Dad would have called “using your loaf!”