If you don’t ask – you don’t learn!

That was one of my old mum’s sayings – and clearly a few people have taken it to heart.

About two weeks ago I was asked to produce a colour wheel.

Nothing to it I thought, but when I had a look on the internet and on Adobe Help Files it started to look terribly complicated in Photoshop.

One gentleman using CS5 did all sorts of weird and wonderful things to achieve it, and it took ages.  Others I found just didn’t work. It was the dividing the circle up in to segments that proved so difficult or simply getting the circle in the middle of the frame.

So that’s what I am doing this week. Attached to this blog is my solution CLICK HERE TO ACCESS IT then save and copy.

Yours should look like this

I reckon most really interested parties will be able to put the colours or the pictures in – if not get back to me and I will do a sheet on that as well

This was my first effort

Someone said – “How do we know which colours are which?”  (All witches are colour-blind) – so I did this one

My loyal Project Manager thought mark one and mark two were boring – so I did this one for him.

In the explanation Step 5 may be omitted – please don’t email me and ask why mine has a hole in the middle. I used to work for Rowntrees!