The past is a foreign country to all those who want it to be

In general as they get older most people find the past much more familiar than the future.

That’s why we are drawn towards reclaim yards. When visiting such a site I wonder how often we think – “We used to have one of those in our wash house.”

Or, “I had a drawer full of those once upon a time.”

So I was determined that my visit to the local reclaim yard (please note the tactful omission of the word scrap) would be an occasion to concentrate on seeing things differently.

I loved the plastic wrapping – there was just so much of it. With just a few adjustments it can be made to look so attractive.

Even disused and damaged roof tiles can catch the eye in the right setting.

I suppose it’s only when we have a lot that we look at the things we don’t really need.

And how infrequently we think of those who have nothing.