Support Your Local Viking

Don’t people just love the Vikings. Although I would feel that they were far from being “very nice people.”

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Nevertheless historians seem to be doing quite a lot to get us impressed with this race. “They had a strong culture with many myths and legends. They mastered the art of navigation and the skills of seamanship. So impressed were we by them that we Brits even named six of our seven days of the week with Viking words. We have much to thank them for!” Quotation from a local source.

I’m not thanking them – they were thugs. They raided our shores, killed off harmless monks and stole their treasures.

So when Sheringham in Norfolk has its Viking Festival, I think the guys and gals taking part have a duty to look ominous and threatening.

It is turning out to be a great festival for the small seaside town – visitors pour in to see the procession and the burning of the galley.

Nice to see you dear but what a disastrous hat!

True there were a few pathetic shouts of “Odin” as the colourfully dressed guizers paraded up the main street to find out where the locals had hidden their boat. But there were few blood-curdling yells apart from the Sheringham Carnival lady who determinedly marched at the head of the procession and took it upon herself to clear the path for the torch lit parade. I think they should promote her to be the official Jarl (which sadly should always be a man). Strike a blow for freedom madam.

Despite a strong wind, impending rain and a tide that seemed not to want to go out in case it missed the spectacle. 

The Vikings did us proud – and shortly after the appointed time the boat blazed furiously. Not quite as big as Up Helly Aa in Shetland, but the event is getting quite a reputation.

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