We couldn’t miss out altogether

It’s not been a great season for the snowdrops and even less of a good season for those establishments holding “Snowdrop Days”

Here in Thorpe Market Church we have four of “Nine Photographers” waiting for the rain to stop and for the visitors to come pouring in – although considering how much rain came down perhaps “pouring in” might just be considered a tactless remark. No one actually arrived by boat, those who ventured in to the church were far more interested in the hot tea than they were in the photographs.

There were of course breaks in the weather but as you can see from my pictures here, even some of the regular venues were a bit devoid of punters

We could I suppose wind up with an international snowdrop strike if things don’t improve – it’s either that or some of them may join in a march to protest about how little we do to combat climate change.

When you manage to see the said plants, I have to confess that in large numbers they look so impressive – a lovely white covering over the grass. Sadly though also so delicate – and many have been damaged by the winter storms.

Even now most snowdrop displays are past their best and then we can look forward to the daffodils which, we hope, will be a little more successful.