What more Norwich Lights?

Having city centre illuminations is getting to be quite a thing for Norwich.

This time bigger and better.

There are colourful acts outside the Forum, coloured heads on London Street

and if one ventures into the Cathedral Close there is sort of blobby music on the grass with lit up objects that rather remind me of valve springs.

I once had a bad experience with a set of valve springs so perhaps it’s just my hang-up. The west front of the building also has its own moving light show.

Inside the cathedral there is highly colourful and imaginative projection on to the roof and walls of the nave. It doesn’t do much for the building, but it is very entertaining. Don’t you just love the people who take out their mobile phones and photograph it – using the flash?! On a light show?!

Even Chapelfields has a colour experience based in tents – felling calm, feeling happy and one tent full of mirrors, perhaps that’s feeling confused. My friends were but there again they had walked in to a mirror several times

Back in the city Norwich Castle has love themes projected on to its exterior walls – don’t get too excited it’s mainly delicate birds that fly about – and I think there is a heart as well. All very suitable.

I had but a taste of what is on – to see all the events requires careful planning and quite a lot of running. Keeps people on the move in February. It is on until Saturday.