It keeps the lad out of mischief

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That’s what my mother used to say – but of course she was wrong. Give a man a computer and 76 pictures and see what he can get up to.

About three years ago Linda very kindly showed me this little piece of script which was written by a French photographer Luc Adolphe. In a moment of madness he agreed to allow me to copy the script and to use it just for a bit of fun on my website. Luc’s site has now moved on from what are called Lomo Walls. But a heartily recommend a visit to his photographic gallery. It is always entertaining , although at times a touch abstract.

Welcome to my latest attempt at Lomo walls.

Sadly you won’t be able to see the script because it is not housed on the blog. WordPress can get a bit grumpy about things that are too complicated. It is, as I agreed, really on my website. You are being diverted.

Don’t forget – click each picture

For Luc’s site click here