Two for Norwich too

They always used to reckon for a town to be referred to as a city, it had to possess a cathedral. Liverpool always used to boast that it had two. Well so has Norwich! An Anglican Cathedral, which has figured in this blog numerous times, but also a Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist.

The latter was built much more recently, but the architecture inside is impressive and very colourful (that is not why some of the images are black and white).

I liked the contrasts in the stone work and some parts which were not over lit seemed to retain more of the atmosphere in monochrome.

The arches above the main altar are give the impression of great strength. So too does the view down the nave towards the east end.

They say that the views from the top of the tower are stunning and because the building is situated on a hill, one can see all of the city better from there than anywhere else.

But it was misty when I visited – so I shall pay another visit soon – watch this space.