And of course there’s never any colour in the garden!

I think the lady who made the comment to her buddy was part of the let’s sit in front of the fire club and eat warm toast.

Fair do it’s a thriving club with an amazing number of members on cold, dark, wet winter days.

However I was led to believe, by my good lady, that the comments were not true. So armed with my camera, tripod, umbrella (and a torch just in case…well it still goes dark pretty quickly) I ventured out.

rose hip

The umbrella was useless in view of the wind there has been this week. It voted to become a member of the inside-out club. But sure enough in among the leaves and other wind-blown debris there were signs of new growth and all sorts of colours. A little delicate sunshine helped from time to time and all I had to do was work out ways of combating the gusts of wind and wait for the lull before pressing the shutter.

Garrya Elliptica

Fine – I know – I didn’t always make it, but my regular readers love my blurry pictures!

In the end there were just so many colours that I shall not bother to list them all. I will put up one or two names (the ones I know) and you can guess the rest. That’s what I call team work.

That was what you were looking for