Are they real or are they not?

One of the things I would not like to be is a bauble on a Christmas tree – come to think of it I’m not even sure I like the idea of being a Christmas tree.

Think about it seven may be ten years in the growing, and then one cold morning you get dug up, roots take off and then dumped on a lorry.

I you’re lucky nice people will pay money for you and take you home. Children will attempt, with coloured lights and baubles to make you look even prettier. I don’t really fancy all that electricity wound round my body – anything could happen.

They don’t always remember to water you and keep your needles nice and green. Possibly it is quite exciting when the presents start arriving and various people have a crafty prod to see what they are getting.

Then it all quietens down again and 12 days later they take you to the tip and you get mangled.

What sort of a life is that?

Hey ho. It is competition time this week. Here we have photographs of some of the decorations on my tree. Some of them are not. The problem is which are the real decorations and which one are the phoney baubles?

Good luck, happy guessing

See you on the Christmas tree