Sky Scribbling at New Year

Cromer again held its New Tear firework display – perhaps not as spectacular as the one in London the night before, but good enough to bring thousands of visitors in to the town for the day.

This year I decided to move a little nearer the action and concentrated not so much on the overall view but pictures which show how the fireworks create patterns in the night sky.

No superimposing or double images – either in camera or in Photoshop.

You’ve got it – I stood on tiptoe for the display just below the pier.

One or two I jumped up in the air – but they came out a bit blurred!

No I don’t have a drone – just a big lens, lots of hot coffee and ear plugs in case they went bang! OK so I am a wimp. But a wimp with cold fingers and one or two nice pictures.

Hope your New Year was good – see you next week.