You ought to be able to get tablets for this sort of thing

Don’t get me wrong – I am as partial to a dip in the sea as the next person – preferably the Med or the Blue Lagoon in the Bahamas – but Cromer on 26th December?! You must be joking.

And it was not just one or two who thought that the North Sea looked inviting on a grey Boxing Day morning, with complimentary drizzle attached, there were dozens and dozens of them.

Some had fancy costumes, rather more Father Christmas hats than usual, but the “he men” strode around in swim shorts only, displaying their tattoos, for about a quarter of an hour before the off.

All ages seemed to take part. The youngest I saw was about six and the oldest – well it was a lady and out of common decency I wouldn’t like to reveal her age – despite the fact that she seemed rather proud of it. Let’s just say not quite as old as the Queen but well in advance of Prince Charles.

Once in and out I cold comprehend, but one group managed three times before a Lifeguard wagged his finger meaningfully at them. But they’d made their point and had had enough anyway.

Disapproving Dog being rude!

One chap claimed it “gave him an appetite!” But for what I asked myself?  

There must be easier ways.