Bending the Light

I used to think that light travelled in a straight line. You too eh! Well it sort of does, I suppose – that is until you visit the tunnel of light in Norwich city centre.

For a start it is a semi-circular tunnel. Good for a start. Then the light changes colour, changes shape and just when you think you have got something spectacular in the view-finder, it goes blank!

So you wait until the sequence goes round again, but it never seems to in quite the same way – and you get cold and it is draughty and the others want to push off and go for something to eat.

However the conditions last Monday (much to everyone’s surprise) were ideal, no wind, no rain but really very cold.

The promise of bad weather seemed to keep the shoppers away as well so the centre of the city was relatively quiet and we were able to capture some useful images.

Next week I think my project manager and I go window shopping – it’s either that or a trip round those highly lit-up front gardens.

In the meantime I will leave you with our bendy lights in the tunnel of light.

Have a good weekend