Keep eating and talk about sailing

It is sometimes said by unkind people that the Norfolk Punt Club ought to be renamed the Norfolk Picnic Club.

Commodore and I could not see the halo

This is a gross misrepresentation of the aims of the organisation and the social habits of most members.

Picnicking is what children do with cucumber sandwiches, cheese straws, fizzy pop along with ice cream and jelly.

In between races on Sundays, during the summer sailing season, members of the Norfolk Punt Club don’t picnic. They indulge in serious tea drinking and cake devouring. Vast quantities of cake, flapjack and pies may be consumed. It’s all part of good sailing practice. Crews need ballast to counteract the unpredictable winds on Barton Broad. The more they eat, the better the boat will balance. And the more races they win.

Just as it is important to practice sailing techniques, the really enthusiastic sailors of the Punt Club also meet several times in the closed season to hone their eating skills. Aided and abetted by a willing group of volunteers in the kitchens, members of the club meat at the Victory Hall in Neatishead to eat – and talk – mainly about sailing. Sometimes a formal meeting may happen but the real reason they come together is food.

Lots of thank yous to the organisers, the caterers, the washers up – as always it was an important occasion and, just for the record, did much to dispel the myth about Picnics!

More pictures from this event may be found by clicking here