I know it’s early – but who cares?

Looking round at the news headlines there’s quite a lot to be depressed about in the Uk at the moment.

This week Holt in Norfolk decided that it would give the local people a little taste of the future – the sort they knew everyone would enjoy. So Christmas and it lights came early

They sorted out Santa, a lot of lights, stalls selling all sorts of food we probably ought not to eat, (at least in the quantities we do). There were merry-go-rounds for children, heavy music for those with defective hearing, a choir, several celebrities and at least three clergy prepared to read the gospel and say prayers.

“Are you having fun?” was the question asked – silly question if you ask me. That was exactly the intention of all those people when they came in to the town centre.

It was a good night – no political overtones – even the Police looked relaxed. No crush no riots to control. There was a horse race of sorts, but I don’t think anyone lost any money on it.

A good night – great fun – super fireworks.  

Thank you Holt