Going Potty on Film

Clive Matthews kindly produced these images for me as a special feature for this week’s Ifotophilia.

I think this is the first time in the five years the blog has been running that images caught on film have been presented. Takes me back to the days when I used to run my own darkroom. There is renewed interest in film work even to the extent of photographers who are prepared to adopt the whole business of chemical developing.  As a bonus film cameras are relatively inexpensive and plentiful with beautiful lenses.

Clive’s pictures come from the 2019 Potty Festival in Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast. Some great images of the Morris Dancers as the pranced and played their way around the town.

The two images of the ladies are the Pig Dyke Molly Peterborough. And the gents Slake Ma Girdle, Border Suffolk.

His camera is a Canon Eos-1V with a 200mm 2.8 prime lens  on to Kentmere 35mm film. Instead of an enlarger, he uses a 35mm scanner and Silverfast/Lightroom. In a way the best of both worlds – capture on film with the benefits of image manipulation at the printing stage.

Many thanks Clive – the pictures tell wonderful stories.