Growing in Secret

I used to find this time of year rather depressing – the realisation that summer is over, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler and everything is dying around you. 

The birds are not singing quite as loud – indeed many have disappeared – off to warmer parts of the world and there is that constant damp smell in the air. Apart from weeds there doesn’t seem to be much new growth in the garden.

In reality of course the last point is not true. Things do grow at this time of year, but they do so in secret. Fungi of all sorts seek out dark hidden places and for a few weeks grow and thrive. A visit to  a local woodland last week reminded me of just how many different sorts of fungi there are.

This afternoon I heaved my old bike out of its shed, where it hoped it had hidden itself for the winter, and I went for one of my usual not too far cycle rides.

The photographs in this week’s blog all came from that ride. When you look for these toadstools or mushrooms they are there – hidden of course – ready for a game of hide and seek with anyone who wishes to discover them.

If it’s all the same to you I won’t show my ignorance by trying to name them all. I would only get most of them wrong. I won’t include a photograph of me on the bike (there’s no point in making you laugh and giving you one of your coughing fits).  

Maybe just the sight of them will be for you, like it is for me, a little secret pleasure.