Squaring the circle or circling the square in Halifax

The one thing I remember being taught in Maths was that you can’t square a circle. So presumably the same is true in reverse – you can’t circle a square. Scroll down and you may see what I mean – but it is very difficult to make it work.

Just over a week ago we visited Halifax – not the most obvious holiday destination (but there again we weren’t on holiday). What was worth going to see was the Halifax Piece Hall.

This amazing building was constructed in the late 1790s and opened in 1799. It was the brainchild of John Caygil a local man who felt that there should be a magnificent building where local weavers and traders could buy and sell their wares. Cloth such as kersey was woven in the Calder valley.  Worsted was also produced and traders from all over England would travel to Halifax to make their purchases.

Nevertheless the Piece Hall was only open on a Saturday morning and trading was restricted to two hours – from 10am to midday!

The boom industry probably only lasted for twenty years or so but then other commercial enterprises took over and today the working rooms of this magnificent building house a variety of shops selling everything from food to fashion.

It is a grand and impressive structure and well worth going to see.  There is not a lot of variety of style for the photographer to have a go at.

Despite what you may think this is a single image!

Hope you enjoy the pictures  –  just don’t fall asleep looking at them!