Ten Minute Challenge

One of the first tasks a friend of mine was given as a photography student was to take a camera out on to the street and shoot ten photographs in ten minutes! In his case the rules were that each shot had to be a different type of photograph ā€“ one portrait, one landscape, one fast action shot, etc.

This last bit I baulked at ā€“ to take 10 semi-decent shots in ten minutes was enough a challenge for me. Nevertheless with approximately 15 minutes to go before our bus left from Preston Bus Station I decided to have a go.

The bus station is somewhat unusual in design and, I am told has won prizes for its architect. Not sure my pictures will win any prizes but it was fun to attempt the venture..

My thanks to the authorities who turned a blind eye to my efforts and to the little man who obliging took much longer than he intended to look up when his bus was due in.

He kindly came back 3 times so that I could get the shot in focus. Who said that northerners are, by nature shy?

Have a good weekend