Blakeney Light

Mention Blakeney light to anyone who knows Norfolk well and that person will nod knowingly.

“Famous for our light” one fisherman told me – “People come from miles around to watch a red sky from Blakeney Point!”

Certainly during sunny days in summer the light was sharp and the views very clear

Artists do travel here for remarkable views and big landscapes – or do I mean seascapes.

Some people come to simply sit in the sun.

Others to experience the still twilight.

Even the odd photographer has a go in the rain.

But that wasn’t what I was looking at. I wanted to explore the Blakeney Mariners’ Light.

That request produced fewer answers.

However if one plods up the hill from the harbour – there stands St Nicholas’ Church. It is a fine building with splendid views from the tower. The panoramic view on the header of this article is taken from the top of the west tower.

Observant visitors will notice another tower at the east end of the church. It is quite a slim structure – a bit too slim to have bells in it.

That is Blakeney Mariner’s Light.

The story goes that long before Trinity House got its act together and started organising lighthouses, the ship owners of Blakeney organised a light in the church tower, which would be lit each evening by the vicar. Blakeney Mariners’ light still shines out and may be seen as boats attempt to navigate the narrow channel up to the quay.

It is not a massive light and these days no doubt GPS navigation on boats has rendered it redundant, but each night it continues to shine out as a beacon for all to see.