That’s what it felt like

I can remember seeing photographs taken in the 1950s showing crowded railway stations on Bank Holiday Monday. Which Bank Holiday? Who cares – they all seemed to be the same- warm sunny days with people streaming off the trains. Gents with collars, ties and the obligatory trilby, ladies in gorgeous coloured dresses and hats – all dressed for a day at the seaside. That’s what it felt like in Sheringham during the Forties Weekend.

I don’t think I have ever seen the town quite so crowded. The photograph of the main street was taken at 3pm on Sunday afternoon when the crowds were beginning to wane and many had decided to slip away home.

On the way home ?

A tremendous, festive occasion with a great family atmosphere. The town is to be commended for its enterprise.

Well done too to the happy mob who flooded on to the trains and down the street. Apart from the overindulgence in sun glasses and the inevitable mobile phones – you looked the part.  

Many more photographs from this event on the website