How come they can do that? (Pictures of the week)

First race

I confess to be in awe of the young sailors I see each year at the Broadland Youth Regatta. I am sure you have heard me before natter on about the good humour yet keen competition mixed with supportive comradeship at this event.

This year the event was held at Hickling Broad. It was a blustery morning but with lots of sunshine. It was good to see lots of Optimists being sailed and plenty of Toppers. As always these crews chatted merrily away to each other and as they battled against wind and excess wash caused by bigger boats.

Opies on the move

But what got to me this time was the sheer fitness of these young people. True anyone can hike out as long as they have toe-straps and a strong back, but you try doing it when you are getting a face full of water at the same time – not easy.

And how about capsizing? Generally it marks the end of my happy day, when and if it happens to me– but not for this lot. True one or two of them went over and fell in, but most of them by some feat of gymnastics managed to stay dry and stay cheerful.

Hickling Broad sadly is troubled by a growing weed which causes no end of havoc with powerboats and sailors alike. These three were not actually capsizing but merely laying the boat on its side in order to be able to remove the dreaded weed from the centre-board. That is what I call skill.  

There is a full album of pictures at on  but my tribute this week is to this lot. Maybe I should have a word with my physio though before deciding to emulate their efforts.