I don’t really do pretty

Pretty isn’t a word I use a great deal. Mainly reserved for other people’s babies and gardens belonging to maiden aunts. I tend to use it to cover my ignorance – such as when I don’t know the name or can’t work out the sex of a baby, or when I haven’t a clue what a plant is called and feel unable to make a stab at the name.

As you may guess, it is not generally regarded as a compliment when people describe my pictures in this way. I assume they mean they can’t work them out and are too polite to say that they think they are awful or just odd.

So, dear readers I am sure you will be shocked to discover that on one of our recent trips to the south west I discovered not one but two views that I thought were pretty.

One is Stourhead and the other is Shaftesbury – both in Wiltshiire.

The area around the lake at Stourhead particularly is stunning.

Gold Hill Shaftesbury

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury may be remembered by some as the backdrop to an advertisement for Hovis bread. In reality it is quite difficult to photograph, partly because of the tourists who get in the way and partly because it is difficult to frame. Even on my shot I had to clone out two people and a recycle bin and come up with a square crop.

Even so I think it is quite pretty!