Daunting can be more fun than going on line.

Natty title eh. It’s all about bookshops you see. It was suggested that during my last visit to London, I ought to go and have a look at Daunt Books. Their main outlet/headquarters call it what you like is in Marylebone High Street. So along I trotted – sadly with only my point and shoot camera.
From the outside the shop looks much like any other bookshop – a touch Edwardian but undoubtedly a bookshop.

Inside it is a book lovers dream, books of all sorts and sizes arranged it would seem by countries. There are books from floor to ceiling and if you have a problem with ceilings there is a sort of balcony/ gallery with even more shelves.


In some ways the main part of the shop is reminiscent of a traditional synagogue complete with a gallery for women and children.


By the way there are children’s books too. Downstairs, round the corner and keep going.

Why such funny pictures?


An attempt to keep in style with their carrier bags (books go in bags to protect your new purchase from the weather) There are linen bags; I am told these bags are the “must have to be anyone on the student world.” I would add that they are much in demand by the cognoscenti but I wouldn’t know how to spell a word like cognoscenti. Nevertheless desired by the young and academic – that’s me! …we can all dream

The bags are great though despite the fact that after all the books I bought I could only afford a plastic one (Very bad for the planet)

But go and see Daunt Books – not far from Kings Cross; within stone throwing distance from Euston, for those travelling with stones, and a jolly Tube ride from Liverpool Street.


I gather the brand is flourishing and they do have outlets in other parts of the city, but they can’t be as much fun as this one at 83 Marylebone High Street.

Try them out – like me take your camera – but I’ll bet you come out with a lot of books.