And all before breakfast

There was this report that we were in for a high tide last week on the North Norfolk Coast. Not a problem in itself, but when coupled with an onshore fairly strong wind, there might be an opportunity for some good pictures.

I thought I would go and take a look, but was a touch disappointed to find that the high tide was due at 07.17. Before breakfast !! Not my idea of an ideal time of day.

Nevertheless equipped with two coats, several pairs of gloves, a hat and a scarf, I thought I would be all right and was reassured to know that breakfast would be ready when I got back.

Do I see a hint of sunshine?
Perhaps not

There weren’t many of us taking the air on Cromer prom that morning. Four cameramen, one from Look East, several dog owners who ought to have known better (at least that was the frank opinions of their dogs) and a car full of Police men and women who wanted to finish off a boring night shift.

We were delighted to welcome to our merry gathering a lady keep-fit jogger (one ought to be able to get tablets for that in winter). The sea while fairly spectacular was not exactly tearing up bits of the sea front and to the best of my knowledge all the beach huts and seaside attractions remained intact.

Do you come here often?

I thought I might try a variety of shots, long exposures with an ND filter, but the problem in the wind was keeping the tripod steady. Looking out to sea and in to the wind for the best picture meant the whole caboodle would shake violently. Gain sufficient shelter in order to stabilize the gear and one couldn’t actually see the sea!

By this stage even the policemen were getting bored and the WPC, sick of getting a face-full of spray wanted her breakfast. Me too – and I felt the need to return to base caused by a mixture of age, cold weather and an absence of certain places open at 8am in Cromer.

Have a good weekend and take care on the ice