Funny old weather we’ve been having

I wish I had a pound for every time I have been told that in my life. When all else fails what is it that the Brits always talk about – you got it – the weather. I once wrote a blog about why I was not a weather watcher.

But I would have to admit that the sunsets we have been seeing over the past two weeks could just turn me in to one. There again I suppose BBC television don’t really want photographs of sunsets, because if you get it at just the right moment, all there is to see is the black earth and the red/blue sky with a few clouds. Good photograph but bad television.

This week my merry reader(s) I’ll put on the s just in case there are two of you, feast your eyes on these. All were taken in November and apart from resizing and cropping – not enhanced by any software programme.

The evening that we had the red sky with bubbly clouds it made the national press. Last time we had skies like this they blamed the atomic bomb or the Russians or both – this time I suppose it could be global warming ?!

I think the most remarkable sky I have ever seen