It’s mind bending week

It’s your own fault, you should never have said that you liked my philosophical image of Plato’s cave – you know it only encourages me.

This week my photographs explore “seeing and perceiving” and then “necessary beings.”

Seeing and perceiving

Plato pointed out that when we observe something, we ought not to rely on our sense perceptions alone. Objects only become real when we apply knowledge

Applying that principle to my telephone box, my garden chair and a grandfather clock, I would say it doesn’t matter from which viewpoint we view them, in our mind we know what they are. Each picture explores the multi-observational aspect of the object. Despite this the mind is not confused it organises what we see to reminds us what we know – simple eh?













The bicycles

More difficult – this explores the idea of “necessity” – something which is and cannot be thought not to be!

A triangle is a necessary object – every triangle has to have three sides and three angles. (but you knew that)

A circle has to be a line where the circumference is equidistant from its centre point at all times. (maybe you never thought of that)


This piece of pictorial wickedness adds to that “the bicycle”, which I suggest is made up essentially of triangle and circles. So perhaps a bicycle a necessary object!


Think about it!


By the way paracetamol is good for headaches

Have a nice weekend