Reflections on the Ramuz Trophy

You might be forgiven for not knowing about the Ramuz Trophy. It comes at the end of the summer sailing season and doesn’t seem to attract the publicity that many of the noisier events do.



Make no mistake though it is well regarded and well supported. This year 14 Broads Clubs entered and the whole event is backed by the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association. It was held this time at Frostbites Sailing Club on the River Yare (or for we land lubbers – on that bit of the main river near Thorpe St Andrew). It was just about possible to see both ends of the course from club house – so no great distances were involved.


Don’t be fooled it was a test of the best of dinghy sailing. The boats used were Norfolk One Designs – wooden boats – lovingly preserved and treasured by their owners and leant to the teams for the event.


When you don’t have to sail very far and the course is on a not terribly wide river with other boats passing and university rowing teams thrashing through, the only thing that counts and the only thing that wins races is sailing skill.


After the heats the top six clubs battled it out in a final race to decide the winner.

Congratulations to the winners Chris and Will Pank from Norfolk Broad Yacht Club


The winners

Reflections were enjoyed by everyone – those listening, those watching and those taking photographs.


Brian Wilkins reflecting on the day

By the way what’s a polarizing filter?

Not related in any way to my weekly post but did anyone notice this the other night?  An interesting sight and not one I have worked on in Photoshop or enhanced in any way! Yeh I know that’s unusual.


View from my garden gate