Desirable not Dying

Each year I look forward to the summer – long days – plenty of sunshine. If I can get four weeks of really warm weather like that, I’m a happy bunny.

stacked summerhouse

Don’t mind the odd shower during that time (even better if it happens over-night though). I always feel that I can put up with the winter, the snow, the frost and even the darkness, just as long as the batteries have been re-charged by those summer days in June, July or August.


So you can imagine Autumn isn’t my favourite time of year. The daylight shortens and I see all the jolly bits of summer passing away. The kids have gone back to school and the whole of creation seems to take on a tired rather dismal feel. Autumn mists? I suppose I ought to be enthusiastic about them but they seem cold, especially if they hang about and all we get at the end of them is low cloud, a sort of clammy feeling and a gloomy day.


This week though has been a bit different. Lots of sunshine and brisk wind. The brisk wind I could do without, especially if it blows the leaves off the trees. However the sunshine has given the trees and shrubs a last shot at being beautiful. 0N8A3100Even local walks have produced some stunning photo opportunities. Plenty of golden yellow leaves, rust coloured grasses, wide open blue skies.






Enjoy them while you can.