All creatures G and S

The smaller they are the harder it is to find them and then keep them in focus. Ladybirds, for their size move ever so quickly.


Even the moth trap I found difficult. Once the creatures had been released from it, they tended either to hide of fly away.

The cricket (someone is sure to tell me it isn’t one) had somehow got in to the house. However even when removed outside he or she was in no hurry to depart – a real poser,


The snail – an old friend who may well have escaped from Neil’s world snail racing championship – held each year in Norfolk (name and address can be supplied to interested parties), was rarely completely stationary.


The mole had spent the summer a long way down below our rose bed – dry conditions and hard soil during the summer drought were not to his liking, but once the rain came and the soil grew damp again he emerged, only much slower than usual – what a mistake!


Our bank vole was a more welcome visitor in my live mammal trap. We think he enjoyed the experience so much that he returned the following night for the free food and a chance to be photographed.


The hunt is on for more ladybirds and possibly a toad.