Travelling Backwards – Pictures of the week

In time of course – at least as far as the 1940s.

The towns of Holt and Sheringham have really taken this theme on-board at least once a year. It looks good. It looks quaint, it looks funny and of course it looks profitable.



What the photographer saw


People turn up in their hundreds and enjoy the spectacle. It’s fun to dress up and have a good time – almost like a second carnival.


Do they actually capture the 1940s? They certainly capture the spirit and the humour of the television and film productions of Dad’s Army, but I am less convinced that anyone who lived through that period of history would go away from the weekend thinking “Ah yes that’s what it used to be like.” Somehow the deprivation, the hardships, the rationing, the uncertainty about whether or not Britain could overcome a foreign oppressor and of course the constant fear of death among those at home and those who served abroad, is missing.



A quiet moment before we go again

Having said all that it has now become a much loved celebration in the two towns, even if the cost of even a platform ticket instead of being one penny (old penny) as it would have been in 1940 is now over 500pennies each day. And I thought spivs, touts and racketeers had all disappeared with the end of rationing.


More photographs from this event may be seen on my website