Photos of the week “All up in the air”

Well not exactly off the ground, but as close as makes no difference.


This week I visited the Norwich Aviation Museum. Quite an eye-opener. A dangerous place for me to be taken knowing my predilection for fiddling and breaking things.


I often see these parked aircraft as I travel in to the city and sort of assumed it was a parking lot where confiscated aircraft were left when the owners were unable to pay the landing fees or airport tax.


Memories of Tony Hancock and “the test pilot”

Wrong there is quite a collection of military and civil aircraft and the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod is perhaps their prize piece of hardware.


For a small additional fee one can be taken on a guided talk-at by a very knowledgeable guide who bombards you lots of factual information.

We were told what the tasks were of the 13 crew members, where they all sat, what their responsibilities were – even what they had for lunch (that’s not a joke). However the good chap who escorted was quite happy for us to take photographs and was, I think, encouraged by my well-timed expressions of ignorance.

cockpit panorama3

Terrific – well done sir! I just hoped there wasn’t going to be a test at the end.

For other budding photographic enthusiasts – my suggestion is- take a wide angle lens – it saves having to do panoramic shots and if you can smuggle a monopod onboard the Nimrod. That might be useful as well (no room for tripods) and few flat surfaces where a small tripod may be mounted. A sunny day is also an advantage as sunlight streams in through the windows.


Well its back to my Airfix kit for potential shots of the beast in flight.

Have a good weekend.