When all’s said and done

“There’s too much said… and not enough done” – not sure who mentioned that to me but this work I’ll confine myself to doing the pictures (with captions) and saying less.



Toppers, Toppers everywhere – what a turn out 23 of them

Last Saturday it was the Norfolk and Suffolk Broadland Youth Regatta held at the Norfolk Punt Club on Barton Broad. The weather was kind, the participants cheerful and the wind decent. so I offer a few images from that.


The older ones went in for serious competition – keep your eye on that mark lads



The Optimists tend to stick together – within conversation range – and there’s always plenty of that

After lunch several crews must have been given those high sugar drinks some of the sailing got a bit more lively


More a predicament than a proposal


Whatever – it was good natured








I don’t know what you think – but to me it looks skilful


Hmm James – as they say it’s not getting it up that matters – it’s keeping it up


Star of the day though for me was Zoe – who was awarded the prestigious Lady Mayhew Trophy – awarded for “endeavour, applying the greatest effort in the spirit of the sport without necessarily winning any race or trophy”

Although of course one might sympathize with this carefree approach (not competing last Saturday. )IMG_0877

Dozens more pictures of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broadland Youth Regatta may be found on my website at https://www.myerscoughpictures.org.uk