Drone Photography as Frederic Landes and his Quadcopter visit the Aylsham Roman Dig


Taking off above the site

This week I had intended to post some photographs taken at the Aylsham Roman Dig project here in Norfolk. Many of my regular readers will know that this archaeological site at Woodgate Nursery in Aylsham is trying to locate the whereabouts of a Roman villa or some form of settlement. Each year the owner of the land, Peter Purdy, invites a team of professional archaeologists, Britannia Archaeology, to supervise the work on his land. Members of the public are allowed to come along and assist in all areas of the exploration – especially the digging.


Frederic prepares the drone



Last week the North Norfolk Photographic Society had a “Meet and Shoot” event at the dig and one of the members Frederic Landes came along with his DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter. Frederic has kindly agreed to me featuring his work taken by his airborne camera on the blog.


Looking directly down at the main excavation

Obviously the photographs give quite a different perspective on the exploration.

Not only did the camera produce lovely images, these became a supportive tool for the archaeologists. With all the dry weather surface patterns showing the former locations of buildings could be detected.


This part of the dig is over the other side of the lake

The drone itself was very quiet and when people were at work and the camera was directly overhead they hardly noticed.




On the way back down again – lunchtime and the drone returns to earth

I think it is an interesting and exciting area of photography and so appropriate on a shoot such as an archaeological dig. Frederic, thanks come from everyone associated with the project and from me for allowing us to feature your pictures.

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