Variations on a theme


I liked the Wells Art Trail although some of the exhibits were a bit difficult to find and not necessarily where the map thought they were. I also got a bit confused because the photographs didn’t always tally with what I could see, but eventually I assumed that perhaps the objects had been photographed in the artist’s garden and not where they were placed.


Powerful in its own right















This rather set me thinking that perhaps setting and interpretation ought to be something in the mind of the observer as well as the artist. Indeed perhaps even the photographer might be considered to be an artist on his or her own right.


This one I felt needed a Enter a little something

So this week I offer you not so much artwork as it appeared but art work as it appeared to me.


Apologies to anyone reading this week’s blog and then going in search of the exhibits shown here.











They may not be quite as I have depicted them – but rather as they presented themselves to my mind.

Do I hear mixed up mind?

As well!