I don’t really do pretty

Not a word I use a great deal – the occasional compliment – but for me an expression used sparingly.DSC07409

Earlier this year I visited Gooderstone Water Gardens near Swaffham in Norfolk with the gang and thought that it was “suitable” especially in the morning sunshine. It doesn’t open until 10am which in my book, just at the moment, is rather late for stunning images. I like to see the morning light easing its way through the branches of the trees with difficulty creating massive and interesting shadows.



However the pictures I took seemed really colourful, especially the different greens that came through – so I thought the place deemed a second visit – partly because I was interested to see how they were coping with the drought and partly because my wife really wanted to go there.


Well he nearly hovered long enough

Not a wasted revisit by any means. There were amazing amounts of summer colours, beautiful flower areas, quite a number of biting insects, but lots of damselflies and other interesting dragonflies who put on terrific aerial displays.



There was plenty of shade so it wasn’t too hot and a pleasant café for those who find exercise appetite stimulating.


Even something for abstract mania



Just for my impressionist fan

On the whole really worth a visit – indecently probably worth revisiting in autumn when the leaves turn – and yes, I will concede – “pretty!”